Kinmount Bursary

The Kinmount and Area Educational Bursary is a bursary program available to students who live within

a 15 km radius of Kinmount.

Applicants must be enrolled in full-time studies (at least a 60% course load, or 40% if you have a
permanent disability).
Bursaries do not replace expected Government aid; applicants are expected to apply to the Ontario
Student Assistance Program (OSAP), (or another Province’s government student assistance program)
to help meet education related costs.
Bursary decisions are made in conjunction with the assessed need under your Government student
assistance plan.
If you have not already applied, OSAP applications are available on the Ministry’s website:
If you have not applied for Government financial assistance, your application will not be considered.
Application Deadline:
May 31, 2019
Academic Requirements:
Accepted to a recognized post secondary institution (University, College or Trade School).
Candidates must have a satisfactory overall academic standing.
Bursary Eligibility:
Bursary applicants are eligible to apply for their first and second year post secondary studies.
Bursary applicants must have applied for and have been awarded OSAP funding.
Bursary applicants must reside within a 15 km radius of Kinmount.

Documents Required:
* Completed, signed Bursary Application within the specified deadline of May 31, 2019.
* Proof of acceptance of OSAP (or equivalent provincial funding program) will be required
before the first installment will be paid to applicants.
* Applicant must be a resident within the 15km radius of Kinmount, as evidenced by:
1) a copy of your Driver’s License showing your current address or
2) a copy of any other Government issued document showing your current address.


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